This was started at work, is about work and is done for the people at work. It was started just to be fun. It involves inside jokes and makes references to people at work and events that happen at work. If you don't get it, sorry.

Cubie was born on April 14 th 2006.

I was (am) working the night shift at a large software company. As you might guess the night shift is a strange beast and at follows a different path from a normal day shift job.

I worked with three other people who shared a quad style cube. 4 office cubes designed in such a way so that cube mates could bounce idea's off each other and generally annoy the hell out of each other. One of the desks in that quad was empty except for a large white board just begging for attention.

One of my co-workers, Thrond, is a very talented doodler and would always be drawing cartoons on the board. Every now and then we would ask him to make us something stupid like a penguin, beaver or an Emu. Ok, it was late at night, we were board and easily entertained. Eventually he made us a Sloth we called him Slothy. It was suggested that this would make a wonderful support mascot. Although I thought this was funny I told them that Slothy was too complicated to draw and needed to be something simple that everyone could draw . . . like a cube. As an example I drew Cubie on the board.

There are many reasons why I thought a cube would be perfect, none of which I will go into right now. Thrond drew the first three frames for the Cubie cartoon and then I put in the text. Every day or so I would change the text. Eventually I started to draw the frames too but you can tell whenever Thrond draws the cartoon as it is much more 3D and has a much more comic style. (He has a great use of negative space.)

There was a lot of extra space on the board so I also started drawing Cubie in different styles.