Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions


Why a cube?

Cubes are easy and quick to draw, since most (all) of these comics were drawn at work I can't spend a lot of time on them. Plus it would be very easy to mass market an 'Action Figure' by making a couple changes to some fuzzy dice. J

How did he get his name?

Do you really need to ask? It is a play on words really. He works in a cube, is cube shaped and it fits his personality. It is all pretty much a square peg in a square hole.

What's the deal with the hole in his head?

The best analogy is Dilbert's tie. It is something that makes him different from a cube with eyes.

Why is he always smiling?

In the beginning it was just a 'thing'. Even when he was upset he would be smiling and that was funny to me. I do think he needs to express more emotional range but so far it fits.

It seems like there are two radically different themes, the Saturday morning cartoon violent kind and the Sunday paper funny kind. What gives?

This is a result of having several different sources for material. Thrond likes the cartoon violence, I like the more cerbrial type humor.

This sucks! You are a looser! What makes you qualified to make a web comic?

Nothing, now go away.

Can I copy any of these images?

Yes, but only for personal use and as long as it does not involve money. If you want you can print out a copy or send a copy to your friends, put them in a powerpoint or horde them on your hard drive.